Does My Website Really Require SSL Certificate?

This question really makes sense as it creates lots of doubts in IT administrators. Previously it was accepted that websites which are not accepting any information from the visitors should skip SSL certificate. But now there are number of reasons which make adoption of SSL certificate worthy.

Any website accepting payments from their clients or allowing visitors to login into their site, must take SSL certificate as priority as it secures the data traveling between two ends (Web Browser of the visitors <-> Web Server). The psychology of trust really play huge role at the sales department of the company. Additionally some websites keep HTTPS off on certain pages of the website where there is static content. Now this can be hazardous for the visitors and website as well. It is advisable to follow Always-On SSL strategy, as it helps to avoid unwanted threatening activities on your website.

Now, let us talk about the importance of the HTTPS for the static Websites/WebPages. Technically static web page does not require SSL certificate but improvement is always appreciated and when it comes to the security, it is highly cherished. I would like to mention few important aspects for adopting SSL certificate.

  • Encrypt Sensitive Information: Let's assume users come on the website for the reading purpose only, but what about owners' data? Website owner has to login into website (/login or /administrators). Now if someone is intercepting the traveling data, your login credentials along with other important information can be theft via MITM (Man in The Middle Attack). SSL plays huge role in securing travelling information at to ends.
  • Authentication: SSL certificate can only be issued via proper authentication. Authentication process may be varied for the different types of certificate, as domain validation certificate only required domain authentication simultaneously EV (Extended Validation) SSL require foolproof documents and verification for legal existence of the company. So it will give assurance to the website visitors to trust on the website as it has been passed thorough strict scanning.
  • SERPs in Google: Now it is the most important aspect for anyone, the main intention to make website is to get visitors towards website. And Google is LORD OF THE GAME here, as it play vital role in forwarding huge traffic towards any website. And Google has announced publically that it will push HTTPS website in organic search results. Now it is ripe fruit for all, because it worth getting Cheapest SSL even for the blog/static site, if Google is going to push SERPs.
  • Gain Visitors Trust: Visitors can easily rely on the website which has HTTPS by default. It will even more catchy if you have green address bar, visitors immediately trust on the website when they see Green Address Bar.
Hope this article has enough value and will give you clear understanding on, Why every websites should Get SSL certificate?

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